Paid Inclusion & Placement

A Paid Inclusion program is essentially one, that in exchange for a payment, a search engine (or directory) will guarantee to list pages from a web site. These programs typically do not guarantee that the pages will rank well for particular queries, however – whether a page ranks well still depends on the search engine’s underlying relevancy algorithms.

In contrast, Paid Placement programs do guarantee top listings. In them, if you pay enough, you’ll be top ranked for the terms of your choice…. So why would anyone bother with paid inclusion?

For one thing, paid placement can be expensive. Getting and keeping a top ranking at paid placement search engines involves an ongoing expense, because you pay by the click for any traffic you receive. In contrast, basic paid inclusion programs at crawler-based search engines operate on a flat-fee basis – you pay only once.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll get any traffic at all, with paid inclusion. That’s why these programs can be a bit like playing the “search engine lottery.” You are essentially buying additional listings that you might not ordinarily receive. In doing so, just as with a lottery, you may have more chances of coming up than normal for various search terms. If this happens, you may find that you get plenty of quality traffic for less expense than through paid placement programs.