Constructing a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

This post outlines some of the basic steps in setting up a PPC campaign.

  • The first step in putting together a PPC campaign is to decide your budget and what level of risk you are willing to take, for both will affect which PPC search engine you ultimately choose.
  • Choose a Search Engine – As one would expect, the larger search engines such as Google and Yahoo may be less risky, since they already have excellent market coverage and tend to offer a lot of assistance to their users, but they also are often the most expensive in terms of the cost to acquire a top ranking based on a specific keyword or group of keywords.

    There are plenty of free, independent tools available to help you in your research of keywords which will tell you the current bid price for certain words or phrases on the different PPC search engines.

  • Once you have decided upon which PPC search engine you are going to use, have put together you ad, and decided the keywords you wish to have your ad appear under, register with the search engine, fill out the necessary information to open an account, and then begin the bidding process for the keywords you have decided upon.
  • When you first register your keywords with the search engine you have chosen (and some large businesses may use thousands of keywords), you will also specify the maximum amount you are willing to bid for those keywords. The price of a keyword can range anywhere from 1 cent to $10 or more, depending upon its popularity as a search term and the search engine itself.