Online Marketing Courses

Online Marleting Training WorkshopsAlthough working with a marketing consultant or online marketing agency, can be very effective, many of our clients (particularly small business owners), prefer to learn how to create and manage their own online marketing campaigns.

We have put together a variety of online marketing training programs – designed to teach or guide business owners through the process of developing, implementing and managing their own internet marketing plan.  The training programs we offer include :

  • Online Marketing Mentoring Program – this is a series of weekly, 3hr sessions (spread across a 3 month period) that is personalised to meet your specific business needs, and designed to focus on those areas of online marketing that are most relevant to your business.
  • Online Marketing  Training Workshops – these classroom based workshops (which typically run for a day) are designed for complete beginners top the world of online marketing and provide hands on training in the basics
  • Personalised One on One TrainingOne on One Internet Marketing Training – these sessions offer more advanced marketing training and are customised to meet the specific needs of your business.  These personalised sessions typically run for 2-4 hrs and are usually face to face (but can also be provided remotely if required)