So Whats Pay-per-Click Anyway?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of marketing service offered by a variety of search engines. PPC typically involves the placement of an “ad” on the search results page for a specific keyword or keywords in return for a payment when a visitor clicks on that ad. The advertiser pays nothing to appear on the results page; they only pay the amount they have agreed to (or bid for) when someone actually clicks on their ad and is taken to their landing page; therefore, the term “pay per click”.

A PPC listing on a search engine results page typically consists of a title (around 50 characters maximum) and also a short (usually no more than 200 characters long) description of your service or some promotional wording. Some PPC search engines strictly control the text that can appear in the listing, while others are more open to using the advertiser’s own text.