List you Business for FREE with Google Maps

How would you like to advertise the physical location of your business for free abd get extra Google exposure ?  Thanks to Google Maps, this is relatively easy to do, and with the new “Universal Search” implemented by Google a couple of months ago, it also presents a great chance to capture #1 rankings.

Why Should You Bother With Google Maps?

Here are some of the benefits offered by Google Maps : 

  1. Get more exposure for your business (via a relatively new Google tool)

  2. Google allows you to offer coupons to visitors of your map listing. These coupons are touted as a way to “reward loyal customers and attract new ones”. 

  3. Once your address is fully verified you have full control over your listing. You can add or delete non-address information as you like.

  4. You can add all of your business locations from a single account.

  5. All that your client or prospective client has to do to find your office is click on a link on your website and, they are taken to an accurate road map with directions.

Heres How :

Here is the process for you to get your site added to Google Maps.

Step 1: Add Your Business
Visit Google Local’s “Add/Edit Your Business” page. There you will be asked to enter your Google account login and password (or you can quickly create one) before entering the submission area. Once in, you need to provide standard business address and contact information, a 200-character description of your business, the forms of payment you accept from consumers and your operating hours.

Step 2: Choose a Category
Next you will be asked to provide a category that best describes your business. You can enter a phrase here and Google will try to find a related category to make this process simpler for you. You have the option to appear in up to 5 separate categories.

Step 3: Preview and Select Verification Method
Your business listing along with a proof of your business’s mapped location is shown for your approval. Here you can make any necessary final tweaks to your listing. After that, you have to choose which verification method that Google will use to confirm your address.

Step 4: Verify
Follow the instructions provided to you by either the postcard or the phone and your listing will be active within 6 weeks.

Adding Your Google Maps Listing

The simplest option for using you listing is to link directly to it from your website. Start by visiting and
type in your business name into the search window. If
your listing is active, it should come up within the
results. Click on this listing and you will see your
location appear
on the
map along with your company’s information balloon. Click
the title within the balloon and your detailed Google Maps page
will appear. Now you can simply copy the URL in your browser
and paste that into your website so that your users can find
your location.

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