3 Proven Steps for getting on Digg’s Home page

In Neil Patel’s article on Search Engine Land (Three Proven Steps For Getting On Digg’s Homepage), he provides a great rundown on some basic steps to Digging correctly.

There are tons of tricks that people use to get stories on the homepage of Digg. Unfortunately, in their eagerness to get the visibility offered by Digg, most people are ignoring basic submission guidelines. Rather than concentrating on gaming Digg, if you submit stories using some common sense, your chances of hitting the homepage drastically increase. Here are three surefire steps to help you submit stories that Diggers will love to Digg—and, if you’re lucky, get your story on Digg’s homepage.

Neil describes the following 3 steps :

Step 1: Submit the simplest URL – its often possible to have different URLs to the same page (and multiple URLs can split the vote count) – use the simplest one that you can.

Step 2: Create a compelling title and description – When submitting a story, make sure that the title and description is attractive, without being deceiving.

Step 3: Submit to the right category – If you don’t submit a story to the right category there is a chance that a story will not make it because the people who are interested in it may not find it.